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How To Use A Pendulum

Pendulums are a divination tool used in spiritual healing. A pendulum is any object that is hanging freely from a string or chain, used to connect with your spirit guide to the divine.

Using a pendulum for divination typically involves a series of steps. Here's a list of those steps:

  • Choose a Pendulum: Select a pendulum that resonates with you. It can be made of various materials like crystal, wood, or metal. Kyanite and Citrine do not collect energy and are great for pendulums. Wood is equally neutral and a great material for a pendulum.

  • Cleanse and Energize: Purify the pendulum by rinsing it in cold water or using other cleansing methods, such as smudging with sage or leaving it in moonlight. Be aware that some stones, particularly if raw, should not be submerged in water. Simply placing the pendulum in sea salt overnight can clear and charge it.

  • Set an Intention: Before you start, establish a clear intention or question for your divination session. This will help focus your energy.

  • When first using a pendulum, it may be beneficial to find a quiet space: Go to a quiet, peaceful place where you won't be disturbed during the divination.

  • Hold the Pendulum: Hold the pendulum by its chain or string, allowing it to dangle freely. It works well to hang it over your pinger and steady your elbow. Keep your hand steady and relaxed. If you place your palm of the other hand under the pendulum, but not touching it, it will draw the energy downward.

  •           Find your “yes” and your “no”  Simply ask in your head or out loud for your guide to show you the direction/swing of yes. If a small swing, ask them to make it larger. Repeat the process to find no. Once established your yes swing and your no swing will always look like that.

  • Calibrate: Calibrate your pendulum by asking it simple yes and no questions you already know the answers to. Note the direction of movement for each response.

  • Ask Questions: Ask your divination questions one at a time, making sure they can be answered with a yes or no. Hold the pendulum still and wait for it to start moving.

  • Interpret the Movement: The pendulum's movement (e.g., swinging direction or circling) will indicate the answer.

  • Clarify and Repeat: If you receive unclear answers, rephrase or clarify your questions and ask again.

  • Practice! You will improve and find consistency with practice. You will also get the feel of the swings and over time feel more confident in the answers you receive.

Remember that pendulum divination is a practice that relies on your intuition, connection, and energy, so it may take some time to develop your skills. It's important to approach it with an open and calm mind. , since your own mind can interfere with it’s movement, particularly if you are in a negative state.

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