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Intuitively Exploring The Osho Zen: A Thirty Year Journey

For nearly three decades, I've been engaging with The Osho Zen intuitively. What does that mean exactly? Well, I've never delved into the accompanying book or committed anything about the deck to memory.

My initiation into The Osho Zen Tarot cards happened when I was 30. It was a profound experience gifted to me by a Scottish couple visiting the US, dedicated to healing the world one person at a time. The reading, delivered collaboratively with insights from their guides, felt eerily accurate, leaving me both amazed and apprehensive. It was unlike anything I had encountered before.

Initially, I hadn't planned on reconnecting with them, but something about that interaction left a lasting impression on me, something mystical and thought-provoking. The cards seemed to imprint themselves on my psyche. Soon after, I began having vivid visions of the crucifixion and felt inexplicably drawn to crosses. As someone not aligned with Christianity, this created a fair amount of anxiety and confusion.

In my uncertainty, I reached out to them once more, and they warmly welcomed me back. Our subsequent meetings felt comfortable and familiar. That evening marked the beginning of my spiritual awakening and transformation, facilitated by discussions, the use of cards and pendulum, and deep meditation.

They introduced me to a method that I still employ today and share with others. Here's a brief outline of the process:

  1. Acquire The Osho Zen deck, but don't open the accompanying book. You can either discard it or keep it hidden away.

  2. Get a notebook and learn to use a pendulum as a reference tool while working with the cards.

  3. Shuffle the deck and lay out 1-3 cards daily.

  4. Record the name of each card you draw in your notebook.

  5. Carefully examine each card and write down any intuitive impressions below its name, leaving space for future insights. Place already read cards in a separate pile.

  6. Repeat this process for all 79 cards.

  7. Begin anew, following the same steps.

  8. As you progress, you'll notice the content evolving around the halfway mark, as your intuitive channel expands.

  9. Don't be disheartened if you need to go through it a third or fourth time, as long as the content remains rooted in the card's visuals. There's no rush or judgment in the realm of spirit.

  10. Once complete, you may begin to hear a voice or perceive mental impressions while using the cards. Trust these insights in your readings.

  11. You can use traditional spreads or follow your inner guidance for readings; there's no wrong way.

  12. Always convey the messages received during a reading, even if they seem unusual. They might hold significance for the recipient beyond your awareness.

  13. Regular practice enhances your intuition and connection.

Though I've worked with other decks occasionally, The Osho Zen's profound depth always beckons me back. I'm immensely thankful for discovering my own intuition and talents, and I consider it an honor to employ these cards as a tool for helping others.

If you're interested in a reading or wish to learn to read the cards directly with me, please book a session here:

Peace and Love,


In loving memory of George


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