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New LIVE Series: From Anxious Thoughts to Mindful Moments

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Are you having difficulty reducing anxiety, managing stress, sleeping, or simply reducing mental chatter?

Embark on a transformative journey with our new YouTube series, "From Anxious Thoughts to Mindful Moments", airing live and free on @theedgeshowtv every Sunday

and Thursday at 9 pm Central. Unlock the secrets to alleviating anxiety and embracing a more serene sleep,  as we explore tools and strategies like meditation, mindfulness, and grounding, alongside insights into sleep hygiene, crystals, stones, and herbal remedies. Every episode is not only a refuge of calm but a resource, empowering you with stress management tools and techniques to foster a more restful nights sleep.

Join our community, and delve into multiple methods of stress management and relaxation, designed to soothe your mind and enhance your sleep quality. Whether participating in real-time or tuning into the replay, our series assures a passage from anxious pathways to a more tranquil space in your mind. Navigate with us, from restless evenings to peaceful slumbers, while immersing yourself in a wealth of knowledge that promises to relax, inform, and transform your nights, turning each episode into a stepping-stone towards a calmer, and more mindful existence.

For questions, or individual coaching,

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