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Soul Growth: A Journey Beyond This Lifetime

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Each of us is born into the world with a soul. Think of your soul as a garden where love, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding are soul essences, or seeds waiting to sprout. Just as plants in a garden grow towards the sun or wither based on care and conditions, these seeds can either flourish or diminish throughout our lives based on our choices.

If, like me, you're a believer in reincarnation, then you'll grasp the concept that these seeds aren't limited to just one lifetime. Every birth and death is a cycle, where the soul either advances in its growth or regresses based on the choices we make and the character we build/or don’t. Consequently, when a person progresses significantly in one lifetime, their soul starts the next life at a higher vibration, with more full soul essences. This progression is often palpable to those around them, leading to terms like 'old souls' to describe such individuals.

Among all the soul essences, 'understanding' stands out. Its development isn't standalone. Imagine a tree with branches of love, compassion, and sensitivity. Only when these branches are robust can the tree of understanding truly thrive. It's interconnected and intertwined with the growth of the other three soul essences.

That said, in the vast realm of spirituality, there's no yardstick of right or wrong. The journey of soul growth isn't dictated by the cosmos, or what others might think, but by personal choice. We all have the gift of free will, and it is up to us how we cultivate our inner garden. Whether we let our seeds sprout into towering trees or let them wither is entirely our decision. So, in this dance of lifetimes, where do you see your soul swaying?

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