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About Edge Coaching and Consulting

Welcome to Edge Coaching and Consulting, a unique space where personal development, emotional well-being, and creative exploration converge. At the helm is Wendy Edge, a professional with a diverse background and a distinct approach to fostering growth and self-awareness.

Wendy Edge: A Multifaceted Professional

Wendy Edge's professional journey is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences and skills. A graduate of Sargent College at Boston University, Wendy has dedicated over 26 years to her career as an Occupational Therapist, offering expert services in home and long-term care facilities, with a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of her profession.


Parallel to her role in occupational therapy, Wendy has cultivated a deep understanding of the mind-body connection through her work as a Brainspotting Practitioner and Wellness Coach. This aspect of her practice is meticulously separated from her occupational therapy services, ensuring a clear distinction between the two.

A Unique Approach to Personal Growth

At Edge Coaching and Consulting, our focus is on guiding individuals through their personal journeys using innovative and integrative methods. Brainspotting stands at the core of our approach, offering a powerful tool for exploring emotional landscapes and fostering self-discovery. This method is particularly effective in navigating the complexities of trauma and personal growth.

What Clients


“Wendy is a gifted reader. As she compassionately guides you on a journey of messages emanating from the cards, she really brings through what Spirit wants you to hear in a validating way that leaves you empowered.”

Wendy's approach is further enriched by her background in plant medicine and visual arts, blending scientific understanding with spiritual insights and artistic expression. This holistic perspective offers a refreshing and multifaceted approach to wellness and personal development.

Spiritual Coaching and Ceremony Officiation

In addition to her professional services, Wendy also serves as a Wedding Officiant, providing non-denominational ceremony officiation. This role, distinct from her healthcare and coaching practices, is grounded in compassion, respect, and inclusivity, catering to a wide array of beliefs and traditions.


Commitment to Ethical and Legal Standards

Edge Coaching and Consulting is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. Wendy's diverse services, are clearly delineated, ensuring transparency and integrity in every aspect of her work.

Embark on a Journey with Edge Coaching and Consulting

We invite you to explore the unique services offered at Edge Coaching and Consulting. Whether you're seeking personal growth, emotional well-being, or a deeper connection with your inner self, Wendy is here to guide you. Book an appointment and embark on a journey towards holistic health, where science and creativity meet.

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